Hi, I'M Salma Abdalla Hamad

I am currently a PhD student in Department of Computing Macquarie University. I am working under the supervision of Professor Michael Sheng and Dr. Wei Emma Zhang.

My research interests are in the field of Information Security. More Specifically Internet of Things (IoT) Security and related Applications Security, such as , Smart Cities Security and Smart Homes Security, etc.

I hold a Masters of Science Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. My research for Masters Degree was also related to Information Security. It was in Digital Forensics. During my Masters research as well as Bachelor of Engineering in electronics and Communication studies, i published some papers ( My Publications).

I have 12 years Industrial Experience in the Field of Information Security. I have been working for the Egyptian Government in the Ministry of Communications on many Information Security Projects (About Me), as well as i have attended many training courses related to Information and Network Security (My Skills).

Salma Abdalla Hamad 
Macquarie University Sydney 2018
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